Room Themes


Escape Room:

Patient Zero

(Escape the Lab)

Scenario: You and your colleagues must escape a research facility while avoiding a zombie like lab experiment (Patient Zero). You have 60 minutes to free yourself from being infected by the creature before the facility’s contamination protocol torches the lab to contain a possible outbreak.

Back Story: You and your companions are on a visitors’ tour of a government contracted Bio-medical research facility. During your tour the facility goes into a quarantine lock-down trapping you inside an off-limits lab with an experiment gone wrong (Patient Zero). Make your way through a series of challenges while avoiding the contaminating grasp of the zombie-like predator chained to the compromised containment chamber within the Lab…… but beware, due to a malfunction of the lab’s facilities the creature’s shackles will release 1 additional foot of length every 5 minutes you remain in the room.   You only have 60 minutes to avoid Patient Zero and free yourself from the environment before the facility’s containment protocol torches the lab to contain a possible outbreak.

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Escape Room:

Time Bomb

(The Abduction)

Scenario: You and your companions must escape the clutches of your lunatic abductor before the time bomb detonates destroying the facility and all within.

Back Story: Silas Malachi, a high profile underworld crime lord, has abducted you and your colleagues in retribution for crimes committed against his organization. Find keys, solve riddles and complete challenges in order to escape from the abandoned warehouse before the time bomb ignites.




Escape Room:

Mardi Gras

(The Rescue)

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Scenario: Your team is investigating the disappearance of a high profile corporate billionaire’s daughter, who was last seen in the old town District of New Orleans.  The investigation leads you on a race against time to follow the trail of clues that will lead you to the location where she is being held… but hurry her ransom driven captors have indicated that she only has 60 minutes before the cell where she is being kept fills completely with water sealing her fate.

Back Story: As new recruits to the FBI missing persons unit, you and your team are headed to a historic district in New Orleans. You are tasked with infiltrating the recent hideout of the abductors used to plan the abduction, find the location of a missing girl and escape to call in her rescue. Her abductors are asking for a $100 million dollar ransom in exchange for  the location as to where she is being held. In addition, they have identified she has only been given a limited oxygen supply of approximately 60 minutes before her tomb is completely filled with water.  The history of New Orleans is both glamourous and dark. You will need to find your way through the dark secrets that lie beneath the town’s deceptive Mardi Gras mask on your journey to rescuing young Tessa.

Escape Room:

The Haunted Attic


Scenario: You and your friends discover a treasure map on the back of an old painting.  The map reveals an immense fortune in gold bars is hidden within the attic of the old Victorian home about to enter demolition.  Work fast to find your way out and gather as much gold along the way before the Attic becomes your final destination.

Back Story: You discover what appears to be a treasure map on the back of an old painting you purchased from an estate sale.  The map uncovers an immense fortune in stolen gold bars hidden within the attic of the old Victorian home. Beware!  The home has a Haunted past that will make your journey a bit challenging, not to mention the city plans to demolish the home later this evening. You and your colleagues find yourselves trapped in the attic of the old Victorian home with 60 minutes before the demolitions team destroys the premises unaware of your presence within. Work fast to find your way out and gather as much gold as you can along the way before The Attic becomes your final destination.

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